Self Work

Self work defines the work we do on ourselves. Whether you are a Christian, or a New Age follower, you probably believe in manifesting more goodness in your life. Your spiritual belief will define the over-all focus of your self-work. We have to define what is goodness. Christians believe there is a fundamental set-up here on earth and we are all in the middle of a struggle between goodness and rebellion. God is good, all things good are from God, and Jesus Christ is the one who came to mediate for us a return to God our father’s goodness which he gave to creation. Due to rebellion, we needed that mediator. In the New Age doctrines, Lucifer is seen as a “light bringer” who was advocating for us. In the Christian doctrine, Lucifer hates God’s human children and Lucifer’s minions wish to subvert and destroy us. Initially leading us into rebellion by supporting the breaking of the relationship with God and rebelling against his guidance for us. Doors are opened through our alignment with the guidance of God and his goodness or following a path of debauch, unbridled sexuality, greed, selfishness and self-interest.

Personally, I have seen the impact of these different life styles and I have seen the results of what some term negative spirits. These negative spirits are believed to be engaged in sabotaging God’s plan for prosperity and goodness on all of these paths. Sometimes it seems there are definitely challenges in the lineage of families. Tragic events, unnatural losses, addictions, betrayal, poverty and ruin seem to reoccur in these families and lineages. Relying on God, prayer, opening up to the goodness of God and his love, definitely can turn things around. Christians believe doors can be closed, curses lifted, and demonic spirits can be beaten through identifying the doors opened, how they were opened, and heartfelt understanding and repentance closes those “open doors”. In addition, the forgiveness of others. This does not mean forgetting, and it does not mean submitting to others, it simply means stating forgiveness so one is forgiven.

Addictions seem to be a result of negative spirits who live off us and benefit from our demise. They love debauch, instability, selfishness and suffering for humans. Developing stability, discipline, compassion, and wisdom in our affairs definitely changes us and empowers us to reach up and align our soul with God’s love and guidance. From a New Age perspective, God resides in higher frequency. However, many New Age believers believe unbridled sexuality is higher frequency. This is a big difference with Christian and other faiths. Self-Mastery of the lower Chakras, brings energy into the individualized mastery and then into the higher frequency chakras where contact with GOD can happen. Some New Agers rely on guru types to guide this process. It is possible though, that they end up serving the guru type and giving them their energy rather than moving toward GOD themselves which may require their own discipline and mastery of self including all types of weakness and lack of discipline.

Jesus Christ brought a message of strength, discipline, and alignment with God. If you are not a follower of Jesus Christ, you must find and develop an understanding that guides you and your self work on a spiritual level. This provides the map to identify your weaknesses and hold you while you develop your strengths toward identifying your own intentions and desires and achieving your own personal idea of prosperity.

When you are born, you are basically given the life your parents are living. This may not be the most suitable life for you. Because there are so many challenges in life from the beginning, it is difficult to know what your highest best life really is. You may be born in the city and never get a chance to know what it is like to live in the country. You may love animals, sunshine, storms, wind, horses and family and not ever know it. Born with television, and organized boxes of realities, you may never find out. Reaching out to others to be your spiritual support often occurs in the contexts you were born with. Remember, try to step into meeting people from all walks of life. Be open and talk with others. Find ways to step outside your box. I believe God is ever available and present with us. We can speak with GOD ourselves. We can open to God’s messages. We can reach inside, quiet our minds and feel our chest, our heart for GOD. Send God you love and connection. See what happens.

Self-work no matter why you do it, involves the development of those same qualities for success. The world is in deep challenge and wisdom is called for. Violence, unbridled sexual focus and acting out, lack of discipline over our intensity and behavior leads to destruction of our families and our stability. People who are not stable can not succeed at their goals. You must be very wise emotionally, intellectually, physically and also spiritually to proceed into success.

Physicality is connected to our emotions as emotions live in the body. We are depleted physically and suffering the side effects of our lack of wisdom. Chemicals in our food, plastics, lack of nutrient rich soil, and manipulations in our food choices with the use of “science” is depleting our health and physical resources. Taking medications adds to the chemical load our body can not clear. Weight, food addiction, chemical food choices etc. are dragging us down. Basically, our system is energetic and must have the necessary power to fuel our progress up the body energy centers to the top which is spiritual and soul based development. It is important to learn to evaluate progress based on levels and to think of them separately even though they are not completely separate in reality and one informs and impacts each of the others.

Emotionally, we are driven by desire that we often do not see or acknowledge. Our desire can be positive or it can be negative. It can be life supporting or life negating. Self centeredness emotionally can block our ability to see truth, to see the reality of others and to see the current reality we are in. It blocks our ability to see our own deficits and the place we must grow and learn in order to create more success or stability. Trauma resides in the body and holding patterns can keep it in place. Unbridled expression can lead to more unbridled expression and not necessarily lead to wisdom. However by blocking our movement and expression, we can not gain the information from our emotions necessary to move forward. Usually, it is not the actual desire that is the problem but how we want to get there that is not in alignment with goodness and facts.

Intellectually, we have to manage our own thoughts. Thoughts exist outside of us and we may be impacted by beings that want to impact our thoughts. If we are in a parasitic environment where entities live off of our energy, then those parasites want to control our thoughts, our emotions (energy food) and our behavior in such a way they can feed. Controlling thoughts means to think only the thoughts you take responsibility for. Creating your thoughts, in such a way your can feel soothed, loved, in God’s goodness and light, and accurately name for yourself what is happening in a factual way. For instance, I have a relative that consistently tells me my experience and perception. She is unable to open up and receive my own wisdom and perspective. There is no trust there in the truth and reality of others and the impact is a message, you do not know what you experience, I know you better. The problem with this approach is the provocation and possibly the creation of a reaction she expects. We participate in creating the thing we believe.

We all have to be deeply grounded in our own truth. Ground begins with the body. Releasing tension, holding patterns and emotion without adding thoughts and perception, leads to better grounding. This involves physical trauma releasing exercises and working with emotion while physical. Grounding starts in physicality and moves into emotion (desires) into mental thought into our spiritual connection with God. As a life long therapist, life-coach and guide, I work with these levels all of the time. Self-work is the key. Trauma makes us loose our ability to stay in self and move up the levels and outward with strength, truth and goodness which is our birth-right since we are created in God’s image. This work helps alleviate distortions and projections on to others. Keeping our thoughts on the goodness inside our own spirit, inside our relationship with God, and knowing we are loved is the truth that can guide our self-work into success.

Making a list of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual information about our selves helps us to separate the levels. Developing a self-work plan for work and change on each level will support our goals when we can follow the plan. If we don’t follow the plan, then we need to make a list and review of our lower self. The lower self involves thoughts, emotions, and actions that negate our desired goodness and success. These are the places in us that have aligned with the spirit of negation and rebellion against goodness, stability and truth. These places must be owned and worked through as the basis for all the negative things in our lives. Often these spirits of negation, attitudes, and patterns were inherited or developed when we were young and had insufficient development to truly understand our challenges and the way forward. I have found temperament creates a desire pattern from the beginning of life that through trauma, disappointment and lack of understanding can create deep negation patterns.