patricia haman life coach services

Patty has accompanied me and supported me to leave behind my childhood wounds, and the pains from my early years and to build myself as an adult that is able to stand on her own feet.

It has been an ongoing work with a clear balance between firmness and love, which has made me feel at once confronted and held, pushed to get the best of me, from a loving place.

The balance between my personal work and her support have gone hand in hand with the balance between recognition and expression of my regrets and to make each experience a growth opportunity.

Patty has also taught me to ask for what I need and to do for myself and this helps me to be okay. To be able to receive recognition, not to flee from uncertainty or not-knowing and to let time do its work on me.

As a result of all this, she has changed the color of the lense through which I look at my life, my heart has opened to a lot more variety of feelings with less fear,”  

Núria Camps Salat. (Costa Rica)


In the time I have been working with Patricia, I have received more healing, insight, truth, freedom, and tools with Patricia than I had with over 20 years of mainstream therapy. As I continue my work with Patricia, I know I will continue to raise my consciousness to live life as my higher self. --

Yuan, Pennsylvania


Patricia has supported me while I confronted my sex and porn addiction and the impact this had on my life.  She helped me process my defensiveness and become willing to have a more clear picture of myself and my pattern.  As a result of our work, I am more honest with myself and others.  I am making progress breaking out of my addiction and reaching for more than I have had in my life.

John, Virginia