Health and Healing and the NEW AGE

In many ways the NEW AGE movement has led to a new form of selfishness.  There is a shallow approach to understanding energy and consciousness. We know that all is a reflection, and we use this information to label what we can-not possibly with our current wisdom and understanding fully explain.  We know that life brings forth challenges.  Based on data, we know if you are born into a lineage of prosperity and wealth then you are going to be more readily financially successful.  We know that the resources in your lineage did not usually come from a focus on spiritual and humanitarian wisdom.  That seems to be coming forth more and more now, since we are in desperate need on the planet and due to the larger population and media, we are aware of the large scale suffering if we want to be.

Healing the self when you have started from a place of poverty, abuse, neglect and overwhelming challenge as a child will usually prepare you for more of the same. Finding solutions even if you are seeking them, will be difficult to find and enact.  The food supply is full of sugar and other toxins.  The cheapest foods are the least healthy.  We live in a predatory type of environment where those who have the most support and privilege feel entitled to “judge” those who have started on a much more serious level of challenge.  Those who are healers and therapists often come from a place of privilege.  Therefore, they have learned about poverty and challenge from books not necessarily from their own healing.  This is a real problem in that truly healing trauma is a work of art.  You can use the techniques and the models but unless you understand what it feels like to have your survival threatened physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and environmentally you are not going to truly understand the intelligent defense mechanisms that seem to block a person’s growth.

One of the issues I have had with spiritual models is they do not usually challenge all of us to create a world where our own self-centered entitlement and greed are viewed to be the problem on the planet equal to the individual “lower self”.  Many of the female abuse victims I have treated are deeply committed to doing their best.  They do not know what that means especially when the victimization begins in early childhood.   Since education is so expensive and there is a certain level of privilege just to survive it.  You must have had enough enrichment to tolerate the demands.  Instead, if you can’t do that, you can work for less than a minimum amount needed for your basic survival.  As a female, this forces a choice to relationships and since a large number of disenfranchised children are molested and abused in our world, the choices in relationships will reflect this pattern.  As a result, the more privileged around us justify the suffering in these women as a result of their obvious choice to suffer.

As I studied and learned in psychology I branched out into alternative ways of healing.  I found these models very useful.  However, there was also an experience of the level of privilege necessary to be able to attend those institutes and to engage in those models. Underlying the spiritual models is often the view although true, deeply perplexing, that we create and are responsible for our reality.  Embedded in this is the truth that we do that.  However, when we have all allowed and co-created a world where the majority of people must suffer so the rest of us can experience our privilege and feel entitled to it, we are all doomed.  We live in the suffering we have allowed to occur on this planet.

In the New Age Ascension movement, we view suffering to be a part of our development into a more enlightened spiritual being.  The level of privilege in this view is incredible.  There is a shallow misunderstanding of the co-creative responsibility we all have to those who are less privileged and need our assistance.  This has been a deep concern of mine.  As technology, corrupted food, and plain corruption has occurred in all of our humanitarian systems, we have abdicated our responsibility to create an attitude of rebellion and non-cooperation with that which is abusive and does not serve.  The specialness in our leaders who think they are smarter than the rest of the people they serve, and more entitled because of their “special gifts” and to see the level of debauch created in the name of service is disheartening.

When children are hungry, and abused and they grow up to a spiritual system that convinces them this is part of what they earned, either in their lineage and in their history for me, is an escape route for everyone on the planet who wants to maintain their own way of life because it serves them.  Historically those with privilege benefited from those without privilege.  Those who lacked family, support, love, nurturance and economic support for their growth do not survive well in our systems of privilege. We talk about 99% but that 99% covers a huge amount of territory!

Women are hugely represented in this lower scale of privilege.  They are neglected, abandoned and blamed.  Their children go unprotected and molested, abused and blamed. We say “take responsibility” and this is true.  However, when the childcare system in America pays a poverty level of existence to those women who serve, when an education costs hundreds of thousands and years of training and supervision to become allowed to work for a basic wage, how can we expect this world to work for our children and their mothers.

I do understand that men suffer.  They definitely do.  And they suffer in the same system that disenfranchises women and children.  I suggest that the New Age Movement must encompass the basic wage, support, education and basic safety of the ENTIRE population on this planet.  Is that really too much to ask. How can we say we are ascending into enlightenment if we can-not take that challenge on?  Can we do that and ensure freedom of choice in love and lifestyle?   I believe we can.

It is equally hard for a privileged person to reduce their wage and privilege to a lower level than it is for a under privileged person to move theirs upward.  There is a need for survival and safety to be addressed before a person can heal and grow.

The life we live is not about our own privilege and success.  At this time it is for each of us about opening our heart, freeing our attachments to materialism, releasing our judgments into forgiveness, and understanding this is the dream and when we pass we awaken.  As long as we are here we are NOT FULLY AWAKE.  We are all one and responsible to give our best.  When the challenges have shattered a person or a lineage, we all have a responsibility to create a world where healing is a natural part of our life environments.  We must create environments of health and of healing.  Places where children, animals, those who are vulnerable have access to beauty, to the earth, to information, to warmth and nurturance and connection that allow them to heal and move into a deeper heart space.

This is my commitment. To bring my honest, my intelligence and my service to more people.  Since we all have to survive on a basic level we must charge for our services and this makes things tougher.  How can we serve as many as is possible.  How can we create a level of service for children that provides a basic level of existence for those who serve.  How can we release FREE ENERGY and a basic lifestyle for all. How can we create health and healing for all who seek it no matter what their problem without judgment.  How can we ensure children want to live with us on this planet?  How can we all men and women choose to SOLVE THE PROBLEM?

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