The Process

Breaking out of the cage

My life purpose has led me to explore the most effective way to support positive life change.  Life happens to us and we repeat patterns both effective and disruptive.  Trauma occurs and we make meaning out of what happens.  The impact is different depending on the differences and timing of what happens.  Childhood trauma and unresolved childhood stresses lead to adult challenges.  Developmental stages and challenges impact the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Practical work allows healing on the level needed.  This positively impacts the unity and health on all levels of being.

Due to changes in culture and media output, the impact on child development is different and specific in each decade.  This means there are expressions and challenges in different age cohorts. As adults this can express itself in different developmental patterns.  Challenges are also not the same in different life phases.  This is due to age and also the cultural and system challenges experienced. Identifying the stressors and challenges and the steps necessary for positive change allows a person to live an empowered meaningful life based on what is most important to them. We are not victims.  We are consciousness beings made to meet challenges in creative and life-affirming ways.

I wanted to develop an understanding that included studying with famous effective people.  I studied with these people to learn models and to develop effective strategies  that worked quickly and reduced the amount of suffering experienced by my clients (and by myself in my own life).I have studied formally and informally, mainstream and alternative theories and methods and attended different training schools.  Over the years, working with clients and in training, I became convinced in our power to consciously change.  I know we can change in ways that  are interesting, fun, fast and effective.  It has been a long and fruitful journey. 

Each person and their context is unique.  Each person, couple or family deserves the space and focus to accurately assess and identify the steps to self-organizing differently in a way that is meaningful.  We create a meaningful map that allows each person to formulate their own changes using their intuition, imagination and creativity and to make the changes desired.  

 Understanding ourselves  and what is happening at the energetic level creates a basis for grounded change.  Historical experiences create patterns.  As we grow, we begin to make consistent meaning out of our experiences.  We make connections and those dots become a matrix we live in.   WE CAN CHANGE THAT MATRIX AND THE WAY WE MOVE IN IT!

We can use many different approaches to gain understanding.  Understanding the basis of our patterns allows change.  Dreams are a powerful resource we learn to read and work with.  It does not take much in terms of remembered dreams to use the information.  Our Dreamer Awakens and begins to have a healing more direct informative conversation with us.  

Our relationships and understanding how to read our pattern within our relationships is another powerful resource. Once you understand and can actually see your own context in relationship, change is a lot easier.

Knowing how to find the places where the change can happen relatively easily is a gift of my work. It comes from deeply felt experiences and deeply met challenges.  With support, which we all need, you can unravel painful experiences that have become painful patterns.  With simple understanding and simple maps, change just begins to happen.

Accurate assessment and guidance supports effective change.  If the right understanding is found, and the right ground is identified and created, the change moves into a new ALIVE pattern.  We become more motivated, vibrant and engaged.  Feeling more effective and empowered leads to a positive life affirming impact. We receive the positive feedback from our pattern changes making life more empowered and meaningful.

Life Coaching involves a creative collaboration that works.  Not everyone can spend their life focused on mastering methods for change and have those experiences fully available.  My focus is to  guide others into the changes they want to happen and to celebrate the results!  Our relationship together creates the ground for the positive change you want to happen.  It starts within, and then manifests without.