Coaching Services




Services are offered on-line providing flexibility and confidentiality.   The on-line process works easily and quickly for everyone.  Clients are supported in ways that change perspective and perception. Practical exercises and homework often enhances movement forward.  Your dreams, hopes and desires are included in the work.

Challenges in our lives can stress and overwhelm our ability to process and cope.  An example is GRIEF and LOSS.  Sudden unexpected loss can bring on so many changes and adjustments we need support to cope.  Often it is right at this moment we are challenged from the outside in ways that seem ruthless and unwarranted.  Loss of supportive relationships often come with overwhelming losses.  This seems to be on the rise everywhere.

Life Coaching can be a life support system to help you process and get through the grief process while making necessary changes and adjustments.  This is often very effective compared to our known support systems.  In a safe confidential process you can go through the feelings, thoughts, emotions and experiences needed to move into your life as it is now reducing your suffering.

Having worked in many countries and different cultures I am able to access diverse strategies and meaning that supports each unique client in their unique situation.   Due to a level of mastery of psychology, spirituality, energy work and child development clients are enabled to look at what needs changing and what might be hindering them.   Introducing new and different perspectives allows a new meaning and understanding so change to become possible. 

Once the basic essential pattern and its meaning is fully identified it can be seen from an alternative view.  Creating alternative patterns allows old incompatible patterns that no longer serve to fall away.  This is usually much easier than expected.  Once the essential pattern is identified, other lesser patterns also fall away.  When patterns change, new more positive perception and mood leads to a higher frequency and sense of effectiveness.  This becomes a circular process of positive change.   Choice points allow us to move into those new experiences in a new way that becomes self-perpetuating.  New positive changes and experiences start to flow in and out and feel like new waves of positive feeling and action. 

Patterns of low mood, negativity, dissociative avoidance, imprisonment, disempowerment, conflict, loneliness, rejection, punishment, fear and the resulting actions can be changed.  Addictions, repetitive negative relationship patterns, sadness and an inability to stabilize shifts are changed.  Life moves  into positive, life-affirming joyful  patterns and the possibility of making new meaning out of the experiences. 

Understanding the impact of indoctrination, traumatic upbringing and disempowerment related to patterns of childhood allow an accurate assessment of the process needed to create change. understand the ground that supports the changes in feeling and actions they are longing for.  Old patterns are amplified so it's easier to see the change or pattern break that is trying to happen.  New patterns are supported in the most effective ways that bring success. 

This is not therapy.  If you are suffering from severe mental illness including psychotic episodes you must seek a licensed mental health therapist.  Life coaching is a healthy approach that supports people who want change.  The focus of life coaching is to support self-responsibility and the ability to make empowered changes.  Once you know your unique proclivity, this becomes meaning, skill based empowered living.  Able to face challenges and make choices based on self-understanding and a new way of caring about and for yourself.  You become a sovereign being able to take full responsibility for the mirror that is your life.  Life leaves most of us ill-prepared and often creating faulty meanings and patterns.  We all benefit from focused guidance and support to become effective and life-affirming in our thoughts, emotions and behaviors with relatively fast results.

The real question  is “do you want change and If so, how quickly can you make it?”  

The most important ability is in Breaking Patterns and Never Giving Up on Ourselves!