Shattering Into Ascension

   During these awakening times, you may be experiencing life in ways that don’t make sense to you.   This happened to me 5 years ago upon the death of my son.  I had gone through many years that felt traumatic due to his addiction.  Initially, he took prescription opiates from his father’s medicine cabinet.  These were prescribed due to an injury his dad experienced on vacation in Florida.  My son was not even 12 years old.  This developed into a full raging opiate addiction that eventually led to his death.  It is currently estimated that 80% of the current heroin addicts developed their addiction in exactly the same way at around that age. 

As a licensed therapist, I had noticed the “pain” clinics that popped up in the center where I had my office.  Young adults would line up in the parking lot to get their prescribed “pain” medication.  I knew then this was corruption by the medical profession and was shocked that this was “legal” drug pushing.  I had seen corruption in the medical profession all of my life as a professional counselor and therapist. 

So, when my son died, I truly lost my tethers.  My footing was blasted out from under me.  I had spent everything I had to try to fight the good fight with my son.  I had moved to get away from him, moved to help him, and just moved for survival.  After he died, 8 other family members also passed in total within the next two years after his death.  This shattered every filter I had.  Somehow, so called reality was not what it had appeared.  It was like I suddenly woke up to evil everywhere around me that previous to that could not really register with me.  Everything was spirituality, psychology, and healing, but not “evil”.  I had rejected a religious world view very young when Jesus and God did not come save me from a severely violent and sexually abusive childhood with an atheist father and step-mother.  The abuse was severe and I was a “survivor”.  So everything fell into the world of healing and transformation…I had been beaten when my grandmother gave me my first bible and had me baptized in a river around 12 years old.  I was beaten so badly and publicly right in the middle of Disneyland.  I felt totally abandoned by GOD which is what my parents wanted me to feel It seemed! 

It has taken me my entire life to awaken to the depth of the evil that operates on this planet.  Now I study the “biblical truth” daily.  I have become a deeply connected spiritual warrior on a level the “NEW AGE” doctrine cannot approach as it blurs the perception of ethics, good, evil and lacks true clarity about ascension.  It is important for all of us to perceive the level of challenge we have truly experienced in terms of deception and tyranny.  Self-responsibility for our own healing, for our behavior, and our growth has to be the true basis for our progress.  We have to become truly dedicated to our own goodness, intelligence and independence.  We have to forgive ourselves and protect our children.  This is the battle of a lifetime and we came for this battle.  I know I did.  As I took the time to truly fall down, to fall all the way into the depths of my loss and despair and to realize the true nature of cruelty and abandonment.  Then to find my true footing and turn again toward GOD.   To study again the sacred scripture left for us as our roadmap.  To open my eyes, my ears and my heart to “walk away” from what no longer works for me and to begin to re-emerge with my spiritual being aligned deeply again with GOD.  This is the only true healing and the only true way.

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