Patricia Haman, MA

Patricia Haman is a master teacher, healer, and transformational coach. She has taught at university, college, Core Energetic Institutes, and international workshops and in the USA.

Patricia obtained an Associates Degree at age 22 in Human Services and studied under the supervision of a group of teachers and therapists working with Veterans, Disabled Individuals and Groups, and Inter-racial families.  Under the supervision of others Patricia began a training therapy in addiction recovery, dreamwork, and trauma recovery.  Patricia went on in school and obtained her Bachelors in Psychology while continuing to train in group work and Psychological Assessment.  She went into a training therapy in Object Relations and Analysis.  She continued to work in private practice under supervision and became a licensed therapist after obtaining her Masters in Clinical Psychology.  Patricia moved on to study body centered therapies a completed her certification in Core Energetics with John Pierrakos.  Patricia also studied with bioenergetic practices, shamanic work, Toltec training and certified with Stan Grof in breathwork.  Patricia maintained her own private practice throughout her career and then became an international trainer in Core Energetic Institutes for over 17 years.  She worked in a clinic for families and children over 10 years enhancing her ability to assess and understand child development and the impact and process of families.  Patricia is a traveller and continued to study alternative methods for helping people change throughout her life.  She continues to share and support others in their life journey.  Patricia believes change happens on the energetic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels combining into a unified field.  A true and powerful support happens for those who can work on all of these levels effectively with support.

Patricia eventually moved fully into the flexibility and empowerment of Life Coaching.  She works with healthy clients who struggle with life issues and situations and who want change.   Family dysfunction, Addictions, Grief, Insecurity and challenges are common for everyone today.  Working with these issues as non pathology and understanding when issues become Mental Health Challenges are important.  Assessment, proper intervention and support can provide the coaching needed to turn situations into positive challenges before crisis.  Understanding the impact of different cultural views, spiritual views and life-style patterns help support what really works for a person, couple, family or system and what needs to be consciously changed.  Patricia has developed this understanding.


Over 40 Years Experience

Patricia is experienced working with individual, couples, families, and children of all ages in different set and settings including workshops, seminars, classes, and online sessions.  She has maintained a private practice for 40 years.  She has provided supervision, training, and guidance throughout her career and continues to supervise and provide on-line coaching.

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