Another consequence of GRIEF

A consequence of my own grief was that it shattered my own MK Ultra type programming.  Suddenly I was in a reality where my government, my social structure, my friends and family no longer made any sense to me.  The son I had raised died of a heroin overdose.  How does this happen?  How does someone raise a child in a culture that kills it’s own children for money?  Yes I made mistakes as a parent, but not that kind of mistake.  I saw what was happening to those around me who used pain relief.  Pain clinics had popped up everywhere in my city and I saw it happening.  Opiates were being prescribed for every injury and were being placed in medicine cabinets in every home.  The people who died from the addiction process were of course blamed.  The deaths fit in to a long term perception of addicts as derelicts who deserved what they got.   I tried to tell others what I was seeing but they thought I was in denial or refusing to face responsibility.

I started to feel we were on a planet that truly did not care about kids. well that was the beginning and the realizations are still rolling in…..I am grounded and well, but the world does not look the same. It’s like waking up from a fairy tale and realizing we are all in a bit of trouble.

After that c:v:d  happened and many are still going to be dying from that round of genocide.  People are still explaining away what is happening.  Couples are loosing their soul mates, their children, their friends and individuals are alone with their pain and their loss.  They cannot understand how this is happening to them or why. 

We found out that companies are putting fetal cells into our food products and no one questions this.  Forced cannibalism and people go on.  They are afraid to face the facts.  Afraid to give up their coffee creamer and would rather just ignore it or think there must be a good reason to put fetal cells, or aborted fetal cells into our products.  The same as all those chemicals we ignore.

We found out about sex trafficking of children and that pedos wanted to become just another protected category of misfit.  Children did not have the right to protection from sexual exploitation from parents, teachers, and perverts.  We watched all this come out and realized our media was owned by these same kinds of people.

However my grief shattered my shell and I was waving into truth in ways I could not explain to myself or to anyone else. I was seeing it everywhere.  The truth was disappointing.  IT was not what I had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in therapies, trainings, education etc…it was not what I had been told.  The new age started to appear like a childish psy.op to completely keep a population of really good people disassociated! 

I started to question everything.  I saw everyone hooked on tv, hooked on pornography, and hooked on their phones and photos while they seemed to be led to the slaughter.

I still do not know what the bottom line is…but I am definitely sure the public is not aware of the truth.  We trusted our government, we trusted our schools, paid big money for college and we fell for a big fat psychological operation that was around before we were even born.  The level to which our true history is hidden, and the facts lied about is much deeper than I can even get my own head around. 

This may be difficult folks, because this is not over.  We are all going to be grieving if we survive this.  They have not finished with us yet….the wake up better happen quickly.  People are still running to pharma for solutions to their sickness when they don’t even realize why the population is so sick. 

How could we be so stupid? So disempowered?  The truth is empowering for sure and we will find our true powers when we face the truth.  ALL THE WAY.  This includes facing all aspects of our grief.