Ascension and Healing

By ascension I am referring to a complete transcending experience that completely changes your worldview. Prior to this event you see life one way, as you ascend reality comes crashing in in a multi-dimensional way. Meaning you get 3-D in new ways. You see the uglier realities that you defended against seeing. All the ways we avoided reality are suddenly gone and reality is in full view. This is very challenging! One of the issues I have always had with “New Agers” who fail to do their own “lower self” work is the tendency to “bypass” any kind of real suffering and to insist others do the same. As a result they seldom bring a deep sense of wisdom and real compassion. Things land in more superficial ways and their involvement with others is often very superficial. There is always a demand that you see life the way they themselves do.


3-D involves a lot of suffering. Hopefully, our suffering helps us develop a kind of deep ethics in our relationships and actions so we do not contribute to the suffering of others unless this is absolutely necessary in order to remain honest and authentic ourselves. As reality comes crashing in due to the increasing light we are all experiencing, we have to adjust ourselves accordingly. Things we believed, actions we thought were authentic and worth it no longer seem true. Indoctrination through school, tv and fake media has molded our belief and thought in ways we could not understand or imagine. Then we find out, with the transparency of incoming light where we have been fooling ourselves. Making up our own stories about life and events that are not true and never were.


We can surely help each other as this ascension and the increasing light coming in will continue to result in deep challenges and the resulting breakdowns will also deepen. We will find out what we are made of. I certainly have. I can tell you when I shattered, my filters shattered also. I have had amazing dreams all my life and sought out healing experiences. I am a world traveler and was a international trainer, teacher and therapist. This shattering into a new reality changed the way I saw everything. Beginning life with so much extreme trauma, and then school and college based on very specific views about therapy, addiction, healing, trauma, etc. etc…led me to spend all my resources and all my time on “healing myself”. Of course this took incredible amounts of resources. Luckily, at the same time I stayed away from medication and the new view that psychiatry was advertising. I was increasingly aware that our body and our psyche are intimately connected. Unification into one quiet current leads to health. Eating foods as close to the “ground” as possible, simple and pure leads to health and avoids loading the body down with additives and toxins from our foods. Avoiding lifestyles that are not authentic to where we are in the present moment requires the courage to face changing our circumstances, sometimes over and over as we follow our “learning curve”. Health is a result of continued growth and awareness.

I had mourned the loss of my mother at a very young age, and continued to mourn this loss throughout my adult life. When I experienced adult grief over the loss of my son, Seth, the loss felt overwhelming. I felt shattered. At the same time, I was aware that he had taken opiates before he was even 12 years old and became addicted. In the hospital I experienced sensations and awareness that others did not understand or support. I lacked any real familial support and as a result I functioned because I had to. After his death, I became involved in the field of addiction and was shocked at the level of unethical and unprofessional behavior. After several years I simply stopped working in the field of therapy all together except for a few students and private clients.

Luckily, I found alternative ways to get through my grief. Using AYA and other alternatives where I could sit with myself and face everything. This became a lifeboat in my spiritual and psychological regrouping. 5 years later, I emerged more myself than ever before. I am clearly not the person I was. Not crazy, not “blocked” as so many around me claimed, just shattered into a new reality where I could see the corruption that had always surrounded me. I could see why my proclivity to attach heath, both psychological and physical, to ethics, truthfulness, authenticity, and to facing the sacrifice of changing ourselves was the key to heath. I required 5 whole years to recalibrate my own field and chakras. This was contrary to the popular notion that healthy grief is resolved in a year!

I had to find a way to be completely on my own and on my feet financially and physically. As this has happened much without my own direction. I did not run back to therapy, to healers, to explanations or to those around me who absolutely could not truly understand what they were seeing. I knew enough to protect myself from their judgments and the cruelty of the people that wanted to “help” me straighten myself out and return to the person they were attached to. This kind of vulnerability and truthfulness attracts a certain type of arrogance in others in our psychopathic society. I am very grateful for the help and support others tried to give me. Truly, what was needed was time. Sometimes, being forced to always perform in the marketplace is a dis-service to our humanity. I needed the Time to re-emerge re-calibrated.


My recommendation to others finding themselves in a similar experience is to allow this needed time. Allow yourself the time to completely re-calibrate your frequency and to ascend into new perceptions and awareness that include multidimensionality, forgiveness, truth, honesty, compassion and kindness along with an understanding that there is more going on here than any story can explain. Protect yourself from the judgments of others. Grief is a raw gnarly experience. You will not necessarily go through it like an ascended angel. That does not mean your are not headed there! Stay close to the ground physically and stay close to prayer. Ask your guides, helpers and spiritual forces of the highest light, ask GOD, ask CHRIST, Ask Arch Angel Michael, Ask Mary, Ask any being that serves the highest orders of light to be at your side and acknowledge they ARE there with you.


If you can continue to reach for higher levels of consciousness while also allowing your pain, anguish and even your despair, you will come through this. If you experience evil, in dreams, in people’s attitudes, continue to believe you will come through and do not align with the negative messages. This means honor your pain, your anger, your irritability while continuing to assert your love for your goodness and the goodness of GOD.


Remember, those of you who grew up in severe abuse you will lack real familial support throughout your life. You make mistakes because you have not had the kind of experiences in early life that support a deep understanding and natural creation of what is best and most loving for you. This doesn’t mean you don’t deserve love, support, safety, kindness and all the things you need to continue on life’s journey. It is for some a very traumatic journey. For healers, this serves to allow you to be deeply empathetic to those who have suffered these experiences. You can be a great support to those going through this great awakening. Much will be revealed that will cause people to question everything. Be ready.


Let’s develop support for one another and truthful sharing that provides a basis to understand each other. Do not insist on agreement. Allow each person to go through their awakening and if needed to cling to their worldview. Those with the most support and resources may often wake up last! On a spiritual level we are cared about because as energies emerge from higher vibrational densities the nature of that energy is love and truth. The higher you go the more you emerge into the highest frequencies of beauty light and truth and for those left out this is impossible to describe in words. We ARE LOVE. And, we are held in a multi-dimensional reality where the Universal Source calls everything back to itself and to return the all must realign and recalibrate. Humanity engages cruelty and ignorance and must choose to align with kindness, truth and justice while ascending into higher and higher levels of light. This means being willing to drop our justification for unethical, usury and exploitive behavior toward all life. Embracing Freedom and Responsibility in every aspect of our daily lives is the key.

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