Healing and Joy

As we face the challenges of each stage of development, healing our wounds and deepening what works while letting go of what doesn’t work. Unhealed trauma, grief, and loss equate with PTSD over time adding to the burdens we carry. I know the burden carried by those who had ideals they could not achieve and a lack of acceptance for their life experience. The world is not easy on older people. Many who did not understand the importance of diet and bought the mainstream messaging about food are now sick. They also bought all the other medical and mainstream messaging. They aged into dependency on medicine. They simply got old and sick younger than needed.

I understood young I had to live with myself. I had to heal, learn, and live within myself. I had to learn to live in JOY and PEACE. I had to accept reality. I had to live in my dreams as well as my visions. I had to admit I had a purpose and kept on despite the challenges. At this stage, I experience peace and love for others that comes from a reality of understanding the challenges we each face as human beings. The mind goes astray and starts to make up a reality we want rather than the one we are standing in if we allow it.Fantasy is helpful if we need to figure out what we want. If we know what we want, fantasy can be counter-productive. We have to take steps toward our goals. Take action toward the goal, knowing we will eventually get there. There are distractions, obstructions, and negative emotional patterns that will slow us down or stop us. So, we must look at those, see them coming, and change how we handle the oncoming onslaught.

work, we reach places of true JOY. What is a place of true JOY? It is a place of refined appreciation for all we have learned, the mastery we have achieved in our perception, and the healing we have experienced. Suppose we have acquired a true sense of our center, temperament make-up, and needs related to our center of being. In that case, we learn to communicate in refined ways. We know to sincerely accept how others are the same or different from ourselves. We refine our boundaries so we have a permeable ability to relate while not taking on the distress and sometimes the hostilities of others. We refine our ability to be “our best friend” while having and making new friends. As we age, we get more rigid or more “refined” and flexible. I appreciate that word more and more.
My life was full of the most dire challenges. Yet I faced them and achieved what for me was the impossible. I lost much in my life. I had many adventures, too. I learned a lot from teachers, students, and clients. I miss those I lost and did not live up to my IDEAL self in many ways, as my ability to protect others was limited. The younger generations have been under an onslaught I did not see or understand. I focused on the limitations of abusive families and psychopathic predators. I did not see our culture as bringing an increasingly dark threat.

There really is not anything you can not change. Some things are easy, once you see it clearly. Other things are harder until you get to the root of what is motivating your pattern. Once understood, it is easy to change step-by-step. If I can do it, I know you can to. That is how we do it. WIth support and validation and someone who has done it to!