Culture involves a transmission of values that has withstood the test of time and ensured the survival of humans and their way of life. If you want to destroy that, you have to undermine the transmission of culture and it’s protections. You have to undermine the way children are handled. I remember returning from a trip working out of the country. As I walked along a small city street in Philadelphia, I observed three women walking with children down the street in a straight line. The children looked to be about 4 to 5 years old. Each child was harnessed at both wrists and this was attached to a long line so that all were a walking along “safely”. This image was one of a lack of freedom and respect. This for me, was an indication of how things were moving in the United States of America. Having worked as a Clinical Therapist with children and families, I studied child development and healing and the healing of families. Instilling respect is a basis for experiencing love and safety in families. Children need adequate loving and respectful teaching and mirroring that is in alignment with appropriate developmental stages.

I really care about children. I care about proper relationship. I care about what children are learning and experiencing with adults. I care about the protection our culture is supposed to give to all children.

Our “energy system” develops throughout our life. The energy system includes the body, the soul and the spirit. In childhood our system is highly impacted by our experience which on the mind level constitutes our “learning“. On the body level it is more like a system of “absorption”. We absorb the energy systems around us. Our wheels of energy handle different bands of frequencies and information. The base is based on love, belonging and safety with family and tribe. It is based on experiencing the world as safe and developmentally appropriate so we are not overwhelmed by experience. The sexual centers come “online” later in adolescence but can be harmed in early childhood if activated by outside experience.

Our energy centers are impacted by the way we are treated. We need to be seen, respected, and handled with care. We need to be allowed to develop without invasive impact from others. I have seen many love and sex addicted persons over the years and almost always there was an invasive impact sexually and exploitively when they were children. Of course, all addiction is a cover for our pain. The “gift’ of addiction” is a “call to heal” and to develop our relationship with GOD or our higher power. It demands surrender and a return to the wisdom of the design inherent in our body and in our heart. The body is an amazing system and will not fail you in your healing no matter what has happened to you. Everyone is harmed in a culture that is failing it’s children.

Healing requires a certain amount of support because in a failing culture you are vulnerable during your healing processes. As you work with the body, you will experience feelings, emotions and thoughts that are either helpful or not helpful. You will re-experience emotions and sometimes memories that require a corrective holding experience in order to gain the benefit and clearing the healing offers. As this happens, your energy system learns to self-correct and regain or gain a level of functioning that maintains a state of well-being and eventually a return to JOY. You internal experience IS your psychology and provides the internal space you live in. Prior to healing our internal culture reflects pain and anguish, negativity and distortion. We have to un-learn, re-learn, and re-member an internal culture of support, acceptance, love and also integrity and accountability. Mental Health requires a commitment to truth. This commitment to truth includes a commitment to an alignment with what is REAL. Our body is REAL.

Part of our healing requires a return to the proper use of our levels of being. For instance it is important to learn to clear emotion without the misuse of thinking. Clearing emotion is a part of the grounding process. This allows the body to return to a state of equilibrium. Improper use of thinking will block the proper clearing of emotion. To be able to fully cry, to fully feel and to allow the body this process is the basis of full clearing and grounding. This requires a basic trust in the body, in the full flow of energy, in the wisdom of our emotions and feeling, and in GOD. I have found for most people who are working with self-healing, TRE exercises allow the return to a full expression of energy through the body which allows a “clearing” of held emotions. In the process of clearing we learn to stop the thoughts and focus on the full flow of feeling and emotion.

Understanding the motivational aspect of our emotions is helpful. Once we have fully allowed the emotions and energy to flow through us and to be expressed, we can then “think” about the emotions and the motives behind them. A basic template is; JOY is the desire to LIVE; MELANCHOLY is the desire to CHANGE; FEAR is the desire to FLEE; ANGER is the desire to FIGHT. Learning to utilize the emotions once fully felt means you can begin to move into the POSITIVE aspect of your healing. What do you want to LIVE for? What do you want to FLEE from? what do you want to CHANGE for the positive in your life? What do you want to FIGHT for? Learning to live and stand in the positive and to guide yourself into the light and love that is freely given has to be re-learned. You can not leave a painful experience until you can create the experience you desire that is different from the one you grew in. It is difficult to find and create an experience that was missing in your life. Sometimes we can receive help from others who have made the journey.

The truth is we are the ones re-creating our childhood and learning to master our own personal psychology is the basis for our healing and re-turn to a spiritual mastery. It is a spiritual light technology built into us and guided by our holy spirit. It is truly a simply and beautiful system that we can learn and practice daily. The beginning is always SELF-CARE and the BODY. The first step is to stop patterns of addiction, abuse and neglect that we re-enact on ourselves through our patterns and habits. Usually we are in patterns of self-destruction that must be stopped. The body and emotions must detox and clear itself. As in any possibility, changing the negative into the positive is always hardest in the beginning. There are necessary changes that require the will to change. This happens when we get tired of feeling sick, tired and done with our suffering.

You are truly made of love and light, of Christ’s consciousness, of a Holy Spirit that provides comfort and wisdom. This is the basis of your design. A perfect light system that will heal and restore itself. First, we must leave the destructive patterns of pain, neglect, abuse and also the distorted patterns of over indulgence and blame including bitterness. Change is in your design, and luckily so is your re-turn to JOY.