TODAY it is popular to believe we can manifest whatever we think about. Okay. That sounds right. So if you want to manifest “abundance” think abundantly. If you want to manifest well-being think thoughts that reflect well-being and you will experience it. I do believe this is true. It could be said there is truth in everything.

Of course an added component to this teaching is how you actually feel about yourself and the contribution this makes to your experience. The idea that all of you weighs in on your actual manifestation. This seems true. This is what I call the frequency fix. It is most likely fixed on all levels based on some quotient of our consciousness which includes all we have experienced and how we have perceived that experience.

It is possible that built in to our life experience is the real challenge; to care and think about what is happening to those beings that can not fend for themselves? To know the truth of what is actually happening here. To understand what it means to be accountable and not to try to love away something that is evil and seems to relish in those who can not confront evil.

Who are those who truly can not fend for themselves? Children? Animals?


Your frequency fix is reflected in your “Intent”. Intent is reflected in your experience based on your perception. In the New Age, people are guided to keep their thoughts on good things. To avoid anything “negative”. Often the “truth” is viewed as “negative”. A lie can be viewed as “positive”.

This means negative thinking can be something like child trafficking for financial gain from what I understand, it pays to feed the lusts of Luciferians. In my mind a pedophile is a luciferian whether he or she identifies that way or not. I also think I am a female whether I identify that way or not.

The distinction between accepting everything and forcing others to accept everything about us is lost in this view. The Idea that me being me might be abusive and cross the boundaries of others is lost in this view. We are not permitted to think this way. IT is like fundamental religion is flipped directly upside down. In fundamental religion you may not be able to completely be yourself. Now you are not allowed to avoid others who are completely themselves. This may include males walking down the street buck naked in high heels touting the right to be themselves. It may include all kinds of abusive bs. in the name of goodness and acceptance.

IT seems to me that is how evil works. It brings instinctual confusion that runs from a mind control program that makes you feel bad when something in you rises up and wants to protest what appears to be evil. In the New Age this is questioned as a result of bigotry and old age. I don’t think so. It has gotten to the point where the younger generation is unable to protect itself or it’s young from exploitation on a scale that is shocking and degrading. WE may be running out of time to turn this trajectory around.

I do not know why some people are gay. I work with people who are gay and have no problem doing that. If you are gay, and you are an adult that is your business. If you are an adolescent and you identify as gay that is your business. However being GAY does not mean you are not subjected to the general expectation of respect and decency that everyone is adhering to.

If you are a child you have a right to be protected from adult sexual exploitation and grooming. You have a right not to be inundated with sexual indoctrination on media 24 hrs a day with subliminal sexualization embedded in content for children. This is coming from some kind of dark agenda and we have acted like innocent lambs afraid to be accused of a lack of “enlightenment”. When I focus on this issue, I do not believe I am “negative”. I believe I am facing a reality that I came here to face and to help others face. I came to face what is not acceptable and to bring it into the light of day. To serve others in their healing and restoration. That is my life purpose. I have been doing that my entire adult life.

I am alarmed. I believe we have been beta tested over my lifetime. We were being tested and groomed ourselves. Our indoctrination was on overdrive. We are good. Humanity is good. However, there are beings involved here that knew more then we did. They passed on information we did not have. The Babylonian Talmud is an example. Who knew? You could study Occult and Freemasons and all the related doctrines and unless you went to a certain level you would not know where it was headed. IT appears to be making. you a better person. Until you find out. It is infested with darker forces.

We were tested with medicines. We became sold out on pharma. On mental health drugs. WE allowed it and we gave it to kids to make them behave. We allowed medicine to sell opiates and to kill generations of kids. We as a culture judged those kids and those parents. We allowed schools to do what they wanted with our kids. We allowed ourselves to be sold on a different form of feeling bad about ourselves. Not the religious type of shame. No, the other kind that came from a flip. WE were caught unawares. Well it looks like we are starting to get woke. Let’s hope we are not too late.

IT is our children we better worry about and fast.

It is not spiritual or psychologically healthy to avoid what is happening. IT is a defense that will cause you to live a dysfunctional and avoidant life. IT will keep you fragile and defensive. You will become very self-centered because you will not be able to see the suffering around you and care enough to deal with it in some way. Sometimes all we can do is acknowledge that something is happening. This is better than saying “I can’t think about that” because “that is negative”. Then one attempts to assume they are operating at a high frequency because they feel good. I can understand this assumption, but I think there is a problem with it.

We are a consciousness all together. We are a part of something larger than ourselves. We are here together to learn and care for each other in ways that may feel uncomfortable or risky. You have to want to be in truth. You have to want to look at others experience and see their suffering. Especially when that suffering involves children. If as a whole we continue to avoid these uncomfortable truths we will all be living in them and not in a way we can avoid. It will get louder. The dysfunction will take over. Chaos will reign. This seems to be happening at an increasingly alarming rate.

I do not judge the young people who feel abandoned and feel our generation was disturbed. They have been manipulated. We have missed something big and are still having a hard time seeing it. IT is disturbing. There is a consciousness on this planet that likes sacrifice of innocence. IT is corrupted. It is a distorted view. Humanity is being sold and sacrificed. WE have been infiltrated by some kind of consciousness and humans are helping it. We have to hurry up and get willing to have a negative conversation for a positive outcome. We have to care about children. We have to care. WE have to un-numb ourselves. WE HAVE TO WAKE UP.