Child Trafficking

Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union, 521 U.S. 844 (1997), was a landmark decision of the US Supreme Court unanimously ruling that anti-indecency provisions of the 1996 Communications Decency Act (CDA) violated the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech. Two Justices concurred in part and dissented in part to the decision. This was the first major Supreme Court ruling on the …(

How is it that the US Supreme Court protects the right of others protects the freedom to debase our culture and our children while allowing human/child trafficking. This includes programming that increasingly defends images of our children as sexually explicit objects for consumption. This is moving toward sexual misuse and abuse, and the right to express religious, political and familial freedom is under attack. If the desire and support for any limits are expressed, then people’s freedom of speech is removed and attacked with complete disregard?

I would suggest that we have been part of a minimally 50 year long full on psy. Op. that included all aspects of media and psychological manipulation. This was and is based on a religion, the religion of Luciferianism.  I would suggest that the Christian religion has been infiltrated to the point that it participates in this “takeover” by sitting on Sundays going over and over the “scriptures” rather than addressing this “movement” existing right under their noses. Playing it safe, means staying academic rather than actively addressing the attack and manipulation currently underway. 

The New Age, where I spent my life, is a softened, white-washed version of the Luciferian Religion. Otherwise, it would have used all of the “truth, love and light” to confront and protect the innocence of children. There has been a form of social indoctrination into accepting the victimization and sexualization of younger and younger children as a natural desire and free sexuality rather than a Luciferian attack on Innocence.

The sexual exploitation of children is a dark occult element where those involved explore the darkest urges to exploit the innocence of children.  Our government and other business power brokers and controllers have used blackmail and perversity to further their own aims for wealth and power. I believe we are about to find out how serious this perversity has become. It connects all the dots of the failures in medicine, psychology, religion, politics, and education etc. and why these failures in the last years have felt like targeted attacks against youth in america.

It seems likely there were prominent officials in the our govt. administration, Including presidents like the Bushes, the Clintons, and The Obamas are all representatives of this dark religion and have participated fully.  Believe me, I could not see it. This is deep, dark and wide and the Christians are missing the infiltration.  Those that are aware of it, are not engaging the challenge.  How do we as Christians engage this challenge?  Are we ready? Or, are we like the Jewish Teachers that simply repeated the written laws and arguments without engaging the battle of the value of human life and innocence in right relationship with GOD. 

I remember seeing a popular movie of Kevin Spacey basically in a relationship with a very young woman.  I was bothered by that movie and could not even articulate this to others without the reaction that I was “judgmental” and “out of date”.  I felt the kind of indoctrination that was being attempted by the Hollywood industry. It was always there. We just couldn’t see it. Children were molested consistently in Hollywood.

I thank God for all the brave people who are fighting to wake us all up. For me it has been a shattering and painful process of opening my eyes and my ears. Truly we have to remove the barriers to truth telling and get in this battle for Human Children and their right to their innocence.  I remember working in Kenya and seeing a large number of wealthy older white haired men with very young black women in restaurants in intimate exchange.  I remember wondering about the large number of children on medications when I worked in clinics for kids as a therapist.  I remember teaching in large institutes and seeing so many indicators world-wide without really understanding what I was seeing.  I now realize Sorcery does exist.  Demonic influences do exist. Humans are engaging in sacrifice on levels it seems that will be terrifying to face. We have to be willing. We have to be brave. Our children have been suffering and we abdicated our responsibility for them. I thought my personal experiences were connected to something big and terrifying so I began to research and look for answers. Mothers we have to wake up. We have to stand up. WE have to care about ALL the CHILDREN. Our courts, govt mandated wars, opioid epidemics created with doctor involvement, medicine involvement, psychology involvement, military involvement, educational involvement, and yes even church involvement have been infiltrated with something that is underneath and also in plain view.

May God forgive me for a lifetime of ignorance where I completely missed the bigger picture of what was really happening on this planet in the service of the evil ones.  I now have had experiences that showed me and removed the barriers in my sight.  I continue to pray that all of the barriers be removed from my sight and that I may be in service to Jesus Christ and to the innocence of children and their rights to exist without being used for sex and evil purposes.

The sacrifice of children is the end result of this entire abomination and misuse.  It has always been here and was spoken of in the religious texts.  Infants were sacrificed to Baal and to Moloch.  To Lilith.  Lilith takes the form of an “owl” and overshadowed the sacrifice of children.  She was supposedly around before Eve.  I believe Demons are real and their influence is real.  Somehow the earth is within their domain and reach until this is changed by the future arrival of Yeshua the Christ.  It seems to be our only hope.

Because I have participated in the views that blinded my vision, I am able to support and help those who want to move out of addiction, misuse, trauma, and demonic influence.  I am committed to this work and hope to be able to serve others in their movement toward freedom from evil for the rest of my life.  It is the least that each one of us can do. I am ready and willing to keep crying out and helping out and am inviting all of you to participate!