Child Development and Identity

Childhood from birth until adulthood includes the development of identity. Initially, a secure identity requires a calm, warm, consistent, holding experience that relates to the baby and basic needs. Those needs include good nutrition, a warm, safe bed, and consistent, calm holding, love, and care that the baby can feel. A secure experience allows the child’s energy system to develop without trauma and disruption. If a child is touched sexually in this stage, energy will accumulate in the sexual center, and that energy center will not form properly. As a result, energy will continue to flow to that center and disrupt the unity of that system from head to toe.

The protections built into society and culture against childhood sexual misuse by adults are necessary for the balanced development of humanity and culture. Narcissists use children the way they use anyone and anything. The development of a narcissist can run the gamut from weak and addicted to solid and well-functioning. They tend to be controlling, insensitive, and demanding, no matter their level of functioning.