Life Line Life Coaching

My experiences have always been a LIFE LINE informing my work. As written in my previous posts, my life took on a direction I never expected beginning with the death of my son and many in my family. As a result, this culminated in my own shift into Christian Life Coaching. I had spent 40 years working within Psychology and the New Age teachings. I had achieved a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a Licensed Professional, a University Instructor, and an International Core Energetics Trainer. I had a role as a guide for students in ethics and skills. I had focused on healing my own history and managing my own learning as a therapist training in many modalities. I had learned to work with the body, mind and spirt.

The reality of Jesus Christ and his role in our spiritual protection and guidance had escaped me. I still continue to experience some suspiciousness regarding scripture in the BIBLE. I don’t quite buy it. I was blind to the possibility that both could be a reality. It wasn’t until my direct experience of Christ in a near death process that his presence and guidance showed me what I had been blind to. I did not find him, he found me and wrapped me in his presence and transmitted much to me about my own life, my pain and my purpose. Since then, it has been an integration process into my life and my work. It changed me instantly and these changes have now been manifesting in my life. I am so grateful for that experience. As a result, my blindness was healed and this meant I saw realities I had not seen before. This is continuing. The most profound part of this experience is all the pain I carried in my “pain body” was gone as a result of this experience and it has not returned.

My compassion and understanding continues to grow. My desire to serve and support others in all aspects of my life has continued to deepen and manifest. All the pain that I carried left in that near death experience. As a result, I am better able to support and understand others. I work with many different people, some Christian and some not and in all ranges of understanding. People are facing death and grief at an ever alarming scale. We are facing revelations of what has been hidden. This was all predicted in world scriptures. We are all being challenged to provide love and compassion, healing and support, help and guidance for each other. Asking for help, reaching out for contact, and living a life of self care have been the rewards of all my experiences and learning. Allowing the Higher Self, My Intuitive and Imaginative self, and GOD to have my listening ear all the time. I am filled with love for everything and all my experiences in this round. I know I do not know. And yet I experience a clarity and perception that is amazing and seems to impact this plasticity and dream I am in.

God intends our good and for us to prosper (Jeremiah 29:14-29). This scripture I believe. We must reach out, reach up, and allow ourselves to change for the better. Evil seems to be intensifying efforts to distort, disrupt, and to block our ability to see truth and to act on our goodness in powerful ways. We must support each other, and reach for heaven knowing we are on our way and nothing can stop us for we were made for this purpose and this adventure in spite of the challenges.