Continuing the SAGA

So, I go on in my life, studying the NEW AGE and on the most part didn’t necessarily know it. I wanted to go further than traditional psychology as I had found it unsatisfactory although not without help and merit. It was very expensive and both myself and my clients were not fully empowered and healed in the result. I spend all my money on college and the alternative training and become very masterful in the work I had learned. Still searching for more for myself and everyone. This entire time I am studying healthy food, pure essential plants and oils, and mastering the ability to rule my own thoughts and behaviors.

At the same time, I am seeing the degrading of those around me. Children sexualized and trained as sexual objects became increasingly apparent to me. I gave up television in my early thirties. This was the beginning of my ability to step back and take a look with new eyes. Whenever I saw television at friends and others places, I was increasingly shocked at what I was seeing. I had to taken full responsibility for my health. I was working for myself as a therapist. Then it happened, the opiates came slamming through my town. Parents were taking perks. and the kids were using them too.

Opiates became the go to for pain. Prescribed everywhere. Pain clinics right outside my office door. I was seeing the lines at the treatment facility for alternative drugs to ease the withdrawal. Good people going down. However, the judgments were the same as always. Just another addict. Then my son….engaged a 15 year battle with opiates he had started taking at 10 years old from the medicine cabinet. He had always been taught about addiction. I had struggled with using marijuana and other drugs as an adolescent and was against any kind of drugs and most medications. When he died, I lost my footing.

Now, with the weaponization of medicine with Cov. I look back and realize that was the first trial run for a complete genocide and culling of human population. Now I see our politicians are owning stock in the pharmaceuticals. They have benefited from all the despair pharma created. We could have healed all of our illnesses and ended the suffering of the masses. Now I see that they manipulate racial issues in order to divide and conquer and keep us traumatized and blindsided, controlled, fearful and manipulated. A never ending trauma.

Now I see that a kind of “Luciferian” agenda has existed for so long on this planet and they are on a long term plan that is passed down through generations. They are given information the rest of us are denied. They are in an end game now. We are in trouble and can’t get the time to get our footing on their openly stated plan of mass genocide. We have to wake up to this fact now. Medicine has been weaponized. The food supply is weaponized. The financial system is weaponized. Our school system has been weaponized. We are in trouble. We only have each other and GOD. We have to come together, unify and say NO to any authoritarian attempts to harm our fellow humans and especially our children. Our materialism and our separation from each other has allowed them to get this far. Now we have to become truly human. Empowered by GOD to command the greatest of demonic forces and darkness. If anyone around you is involved in harming anyone, step back. Stand UP. Understand that fear is the thing that disempowers us.

The PCR test does not detect cov. and gives false positives. People are dropping dead from the v. We will see this at some point because the consequences will be obvious. We have to stand up for each other. We have to stand up period. You must do your own research. Look at the patents. Look at the stocks. Look at the money. Look at the truth of what is happening to our food. Look at what is happening with our schools. No matter what you believe to be right/wrong or good/bad everyone has the GOD given right to freedom. Authoritarianism is not the answer. Ultimately the is connected to money for many of our politicians. But for the true Luciferian Agenda and the lineages involved the money is the least they are after.