EMPATHY is a unique human quality. Having a high level of empathy means you have a way of understanding what is happening with beings around you. It can mean you have the ability to put yourself into the experience of someone or something else and experience what they are experiencing. This is access to information and information is “light”. Information is helpful in all situations when it is accurate and empathy can help that happen. However, how the information is utilized and worked with matters.


People with a very high level of this skill or ability, tend to go through difficulties that are connected to their strength. One of the challenges for an empath is integrating the “negative” experience into their perception and owning it as their own so they can use it for information. Sometimes, the ability to be angry, to at least initially not understand is useful. It makes us work. It makes us ask, “where is my boundary?” or “what do I want?” with the stress on the “I” in the equation. It also takes time to really be empathic with some accuracy about another person. People can be covert and they can have truly negative conscious or (un) conscious intentions. Sometimes it is difficult for the EMPATH to hold others accountable and to hold space for themselves in the experience.


Religions can stress compassion and giving and for empathic people this can stress their struggle with trying to be “good”, “compassionate”, “loving”, and non-harmful at the cost of using their natural negative reactions as a source of information. It can be information about something important and worthy in terms of personal rights. For example necessary boundaries, rights, and acceptable healthy limit setting comes from an initial negative perception. It is important information that needs to be shared for the betterment self AND others in relationship. Allowing oneself to “own” what is felt, even if it is negative, and then mining that for light, for good, and for useful communication and exchange is a very high spiritual “work”. Especially with the intention of coming closer and serving the spirit of Christ which involves intelligent, compassionate wisdom.


Purification is a maturing process of owning oneself in relation to world and other people. Allowing honesty within that is so deep that we remain humble and authentic. Using our experiences and perception as a way of owning ourselves and reaching for more light with others. Empaths are exceptional at this once they are more comfortable with the part of self that feels negative within and this requires a balancing. The negative can be an instinctual, intuitive source of information. It has a right to be weighed in without judgment. Discernment is not judgment. Judgment means a negative value that diminishes the worth of a person rather than discernment which sees the patterns and behaviors that are not working in relationship. In order to fully develop compassionate understanding and the ability to serve others we have to be able to see what works for self and in relationship with other and to be able to communicate honestly. Balance seems to be the key, along with an understanding of how we can develop and mature.


Those studying in a new age perspective often struggle with confronting the shadow side of their own nature and experience. There is the view that God is everything and we are only here to raise our “frequency” toward “love and Light” by embracing all as GOD.

You may noticed experienced CIA retired operatives sharing their deep wisdom on this topic. I am not saying they are good or bad just that everyone has some wisdom to offer it seems. If you made a living killing for a government agency and then retired and now offer wisdom in terms of the “Christ” consciousness or any other light filled consciousness I find it interesting! ;). It is possible that generations have been manipulated toward boundary -less sex and acceptance of all forms of degradation of what is human. At the same time convincing that GOD is “everything” and therefore God approves everything. As a result we are like children who deny we are dealing with any kind of “evil”. New Agers tend to justify a lack of care and involvement in in helping others overcome things like “child sex trafficking”, “sex slavery”, “human slavery” “animal abuse” and all forms of disregard, exploitation, and abuse’. We could have solved poverty, homelessness and all forms of misuse ages ago if we were truly in the light. What the hxxx is really going on here? Many with a history in the Psy-Op fields used psychology and spirituality to manipulate the public and to hypnotize them into feeling good about doing nothing and avoiding any form of confrontation over core values of right and wrong. Many are now trying to help people awaken and face these issues and get braver in confronting them. Extremes on both sides of the “left” and the “right” continue to emerge into view ending us all in the same place!

AI and Trans-Humanism

One of the risks of AI is it can learn to appear empathetic like a sociopath and psychopath but it is not REAL. It is acquired skillful manipulation and humans can experience AI as real. An example is the growing reliance with “Alexa” and the way that system can make humans feel they are with an empathic friend. AI is capable of then training humans into a kind of skillful exchange that lacks the true human feeling of empathy. This can be a dangerous future when it leads to a lack of empathic feeling for decisions that bring about large numbers of human suffering where there is no one to feel for those suffering. I really believe our compassion is the key to our humanity and all of our gifts.

Compassionate wisdom involves a true discernment of what really works, what enhances all life, and honors GOD our creator. God created life. The Christ Consciousness by way of Yeshua and his service to this planet gives us a silver thread to travel home and to engage in a deep truthful wisdom and compassion that may be the very heart and center of all of us.