This awakening process has been nothing short of an earth shattering paradigm shift for me.  This experience seems to have finally culminated in a near death experience (see The Seven Seals blog article).  As a result of that experience I am now reasserting my Christian belief and alignment and initiated formal studies of the bible.  I want to fully understand what is actually written in this sacred book. 

All my adult life, I studied.  I focused on the New Age type of material although my attraction was to Healing the Body, the Mind and the Spirit.  I saw early that all illness seems to be the result of distortions.  Healing seeming to require an ethical alignment with truth on very deep levels.

This focus of mine was never very popular with my New Age type of friends and contacts.  Sexuality was accepted as something that should not be limited and that should be fully embraced and experienced.  If ethical considerations were involved they were usually shelved in the service of freedom.  Truthfulness often played second to Betrayal since the former proved an inconvenient limit on freedom in the sense that it created obstacles that required patience.  Old agreements needed to be acknowledged and changed and this provided costs to that freedom.  Betrayal for me, occurs when something is covert, hidden, and not transparent.  This can occur with information sharing that is not transparent, it can occur with contract breaking, and becomes a type of manipulation to get freedom and experience without any cost.  The cost is only to the person not included in the transparency.

We have become a degraded, down graded culture.  Evil is embraced as if it is goodness.  Truth is replaced with convenience and deceit.  Arrogance replaces true effort at learning and study.  As a result we are easily manipulated into emotional experiences and sensation seeking.

Our government is no longer on our side.  We have engaged in wars for drugs and then brought them home and they were prescribed to the masses with fore knowledge they would be destructive to generations of young people.  Overall unless you were directly in the devastation, the problem was ignored. 

We have ignored trafficking in the name of sexual freedom.  We have ignored the sexualization of children.  Now, we ignore issues like adrenochrome and the treating of our children as an animal like commodity to be bought and sold.

We have become a Sodom and Gomorrah and this is an inconvenient truth.  Sexual license and perversion have replaced connection, attachment stability and intimacy.  Mind controlled by the pictures in our heads, provided by the intentional manipulation of images by an astute psychological, and military psy.-op.
I do believe this has gone too far.  We are in trouble, as a culture, yes, but more importantly our humanness is clearly in jeopardy.  This is important that we understand our consciousness requires us to have an ethical basis.  A return to the value placed on GOD and his eternal creation, A return to the naturalness of food, of plants and healing medicine, of healthy relationships based on attachment, an intimate non manipulated sexuality , of family based on equality, warmth, and protection, community, and loving truthfulness with the willingness to face the inconvenience of relationship where we fall short.  This shift and awakening is calling us NOW before we go too far and we invite what could be termed the “hounds of hell” that seem to be barking at our door from the darkness outside of our human view.

I have always felt there were “demons” or negative principalities behind human behavior that was noticeably cruel and inhumane. Over the 40 some years of working in the field of psychology, healing and spirituality this became so clear to me. It shocked me when I returned to a deep study of the bible, how many references there are to Jesus Christ removing demons and empowering his apostles to do so once he left. In addition, I have consistently noticed a “holy” spirit that brings about wonders, consistencies, and synchronicity events with others. Dreams have always been very powerful tools of guidance for me. So, this is expressed in the bible over and over. I notice how so many focus on the “words” of the bible and often miss the experience of the holy spirit and it’s importance in each of our lives. In terms of demons, are they real? Are we missing something big? Do we need to look again at the deceit, the barbaric inhumanity toward others that we consistently engage in? What is really wrong with humans?

I am increasingly convinced we are being moved by forces we are not even willing to acknowledge. For me, the fact of child rape, trafficking, adrenochrome and the consistent refusal of what I know to be good people to even consider they are not seeing the entire reality that is happening around us, is shocking to me. I am convinced part of this Awakening involves re-looking at all of this. It is a process for me, and I am amazed by it and very grateful that I am willing to be changed by the holy spirit, by Jesus Christ and I am very grateful for my near-death experience and the holy light and healing I experienced within his presence.