Case Study

Initial Conversation

I am tired of feeling so depressed and alone.  I am not happy.  I don’t know how to be happy.  I wake up sad and alone and I go to bed sad and alone.  I don’t understand why I am this way.

Tell me about yourself and your life.

I grew up and my dad was angry.  He felt burdened and was angry about it.  He was never happy.  He raged at us and at my mom.  

My mom paid more attention to ….I was kind of sidelined.  I did okay in school and had friends.  I got in trouble at school and at home.  My grandfather was a big support but he died when I was about 7 I think.

What about your life now?

I work at a utility company.  It pays well. I like it okay.  I was married but my wife divorced me.  She met someone else online.  I watch a lot of porn and sports when I am home.  I don’t have any children or pets.  I am not allowed to have pets in my apartment.  I date now and then but become dissatisfied with a girlfriend and stop the relationship.

What about your eating, what do you eat daily?

I am addicted to junk.  I eat fast food, packaged food, and I am overweight.  I have some health problems where my blood pressure is unstable and if I exercise it is hard for me to breathe.

Do you dream?

I find it hard to remember my dreams.  When I do, they don’t make any sense to me.

patricia haman life coach


The energetic base for this client is very low.  As a result his energetic “frequency” is a low vibration.  Slow and toxic.  Luckily, his work requires physical movement and this has served him and kept his life force minimal but alive.  His body is not charging and discharging adequately.  His body is not “grounded”.

The physical body seems toxic and is holding weight.  This contributes to his emotional sluggishness.  Emotions are experienced and held in the body.  They are physical.  Some come directly from the experiences held in the body, some come from the thinking happening now.

The emotional system is sluggish.  This client does not know how to utilize his difficult emotions as information and experience that supports change.  He does not understand his motivations and how this contributes to his action and inaction.  These create and manifest a consistent pattern of dissociation and disappointment.  He thinks he wants change but mostly he wants to feel better and get what he wants without additional effort.  The energy for more effort is not there.

The mental system was created in his childhood and has remained unclear.  He has carried the basic “field of feeling” from his development.  He was disappointed then and he is disappointed now.  There are emotions he is afraid of even though they would provide fuel for more energy for change.

This client is spiritually disconnected.  This is the sum total of the other levels and exists in an undeveloped form.  It is not a source of distortion or strength for this person.

There are requirements for change.  To obtain conditions for what is wanted you cannot manifest those desires.  We must have knowledge about the technology for change.  We are not provided this information In our families or in school growing up.  The knowledge for moving forward is absent or ignored.

Since this client developed his patterns (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) in childhood he maintains a life pattern that is not life supportive.  He sits on the side of life wanting change.  The knowledge of how to make these changes is hidden from him.  In childhood we cannot change our situation.  We must do our best within the givens.  This client continues to do this.  He has done what he thinks is his best.  He has not been interested in gaining more information and energy for change.  He has carried a sense of not mattering, of being side lined and unsupported and if he steps out, he may experience fear since it may draw attention and anger his way.  So he stays low in frequency and action.

In order to change, a relationship of non-judgmental support must be created.  He must be able to experience being the focus of a relationship that is “for” him and life supportive so he can begin to relate with his inner life in this way.  He must become more comfortable focusing on his own feeling and emotion and decoding it for the desires and experiences they are communicating about.

He can begin to remember and understand his dreams better.  Dreams can uncover more information about himself and his inner emotion and feeling.  Dreams are easily decoded for personal information. 

This client lacks information about his life force, his central organizing principle and specific character issues that contribute to his inability to feel better.  The work is about providing a bigger picture of natural law that regulates his system and allows him to choose to make specific changes that will allow him to feel differently.  He can feel better, if he can make specific changes to do so.  

Character issues contribute to our inability to do this.  We often need support and assistance to see these issues clearly and to become motivated to make changes step by step that will increase energy, allow us to feel our life force, our purpose and motivation, and to live a life that is healthier and in a higher frequency.  This allows more satisfaction and increases the ability to live in alignment to our truth.

If you live a life watching tv, eating food without energy and loaded with toxins, lack of proper movement and energy movement, characterological laziness and dependency, and a complete lack of knowledge about life force and manifestation, you will be depressed, emotionally and physically heavy, and in a form of enslavement to despair.  This is definitely not the only way to live.   It is however, how we have been taught to live and will require some desire and effort to change.

Reach out, changes are within reach for each of us.  The outside changes when the inner house is cleaned up and fully engaged.