Made for Change

There are so many theories about how we can construct our reality. It is clear to me that this journey I am on has always been catastrophic and unique. I have studied throughout my life and am a life-long changer and learner. As I have gone through the consequences of my need to change, I have become more robust and effective in everything I do. I have become a joyful, empowered person in my own life. God became a more central force in my relationship with life. I became committed to facing more profound and more challenging aspects of my pattern in life. Places I did not “show up” and places I experienced left-over fearful and difficult aspects of my early life had to be changed. The earlier the trauma, the more pervasive and undetected the impact. We are swimming in a fishbowl of our perception and lack of understanding! Having someone who jumps out of the fishbowl and can walk and breathe is beneficial and hard to find. I am one of those people, and I am grateful for it. There are many of us!
I found I could not save anyone other than myself on this journey. Each person must take full responsibility for the life they are creating and realize that although God is real, God will NOT do it for us. Everything is ultimately in the service of our learning, growing, and changing our fundamental frequency into higher and higher levels of perception and experience. We must bring our instrument of perception, mind, body, and relationship with our spirit into more refined levels of understanding.
I believe the human being has been under attack, diminishing our ability to maintain the energy level and focus required to achieve this task. How do we shift into a more empowered system of perception and Action? We have to start with what we are missing as a necessary component. Energy and resources move into appropriate Action. Attitude plus Action equals Success. No matter what, when creating a new reality, you will experience challenges. You absolutely will, especially when you have accumulated enough energy and focus of attention to break out of your childhood program and achieve more Success. What is Success? It is what you define it to be for yourself. What are you “trying” to accomplish?
Imagination is entirely spiritual. We can hear and change matter with imagination when empowered by Action. Clarity-centered right energy in alignment with God’s will or plan and Action—an enhanced approach to operating in this reality. We know we can bring things to life because we are doing that anyway. We are getting things into our reality based on what we expect. Changing expectations is difficult when we have unconscious constructs, belief patterns, attitudes, and Actions.
We must first give up our comfort with our negative patterns and attitudes. We remove ourselves from negative attitudes and patterns. Some emotions ride on these patterns, attitudes, and beliefs. Attitude equals thought plus feeling. Based on our patterns of perception, our actions follow. Clarity leads to actions that create and verify attitudes. The receiver reflects upon itself. It is a mirror. We are in a relationship with reality.
The first and most basic necessary attitude is the realization that life is a profound gift and reality is our friend. We get what we value. Life is a divine mirror that supports us from the darkness into the light. Many of us grew up so inundated with fearful messages and events we expect to be in a negative onslaught.
Next, you need help to do this. It would help if you had reflections around you and comrades exploring and enhancing the understanding being experienced and shared. The result is a profound respect for others and a deeper sense of moving forward. We are human-made to move forward with friends!
If you learn, you have to do it all alone. Reality reflects this back. You become increasingly alone and depressed. Your needs still need to be met. You will change. It would help if you opened up to doing this life with others. I often became challenged in my efforts with others because I always knew there was a profound ethical basis to receiving the best from life. The best in life does not mean finance. It does not mean influencing fame and fortune. It can include that, but for me, life is a relationship with GOD. It is an ethical foundation of respect for life and human development.
Life wants a relationship with you; God created us for the relationship. Once you realize this, you become the only thing in your way. The Toltecs identify the dreamer and the dream. If your life is not working, there is a spiritual science to changing your life. You may have false starts. You may go down right-to-right reality tunnels. Some things work for people based on their belief that the correct path is different. We must seek a “clean” approach to creating a more empowered, refined, and lift-off in our life into higher frequency and potency in our creations. A Toltec teacher once told me you are responsible for everything in your life. I have found this to be true.
When you grow up in disempowerment and trauma, the body often holds imprints that influence perception since the body is the instrument in which perception occurs. Seeing the degree to which people are more in fantasy than in fundamental reality indicates the degree to which the energy system is split from the body and must be brought back and fully “embodied” to unite. I studied and learned a lot about this; I became a trainer only to find that many of the fundamental values and premises in the work were based on something other than a foundation I could support. So we can’t throw the baby out with the bathroom and must utilize what works and keep moving to a more profound spiritual truth and technology that serves us to manifest our highest frequency possible. This means a life of refined joy, empowerment, resources, and sharing and the ability to hold that frequency while creating daily.
Since we are the source of our reality, we can study our creative process of perception and see how to make practical changes that unhinge the basic patterns and begin to move us into new chosen ways. This becomes easy and accessible. The only thing that holds us back is our resistance. Life is spiritual; the mind is spiritual. We must start building based on a spiritual understanding and technology that works. Then, we must move our body into actions based on this understanding, believing in our knowledge and Actions. Then, we see what results roll in and how fast. The more we grow, the less we must do because all our cells are engaged in the manifestation. Following intuition and guidance becomes so involved in creation that patterns that break from the old become common. We start to do unusual things. We begin to move forward.
Suppose you are experiencing roadblocks, negative emotional patterns, negative feedback loops from “outside,” and disillusionment with how you have attempted to change. In that case, it is time to break your patterns, go into the unknown, and ask for more. You can do this because, from the beginning, I started with whether I could survive and thrive; anyone and anything is possible. We all need accurate, decisive, empowered support, and things will change.
We can each begin with nutrition and products that pull our body system out of deficit. A daily complete nutritional shake can start the restoration process. Detoxing heavy metals and parasites is very important at the same time. Detoxing pesticides is also helpful. I did this over several years, and the results have been excellent. It is a place where we each can start. Giving up sugar and pre-packaged products will then be more accessible to achieve. I have healed many severe challenges using naturopathy and found great results with those using the VOL computer assessment system.
Currently, I am studying temperament assessment to get beneath the experience, personality, and trauma to understand our most basic patterns and needs. Temperament needs must be honored and understood to understand the initial impact of our experiences and the tensions created within. With this, we can better understand our basic pattern, how we experience needs, and how we can improve our way of being to receive more Success and healing daily.
This is a simple, quick process with immediate rewards due to accurate information and practical suggestions for pattern break and change. Raising frequency, living more empowered, and feeling better is how you are made. It is the spiritual technology you rode in on. You are here for this. You were made for this. And it is achievable. You are the key.
If you want more, contact us and get it done!