The Frequency Fix

We are hearing the terms AWAKEN or the AWAKENING everywhere these days except of course on MSM. Some are referring to what is believed to be a change in our consciousness that results from our location in the cosmos at this time. We are believed to be in a process of passing into a new level of light and consciousness that will elevate those that are “ready” and cause heightening challenges for those who are not. Readiness is believed to be based on refinement of your spiritual, psychological, and physical energy. This means having resolved “lower” issues like hate, resentment, blame and self-centeredness. Some say there is a split in beings who are “service to self and those that are service to others. Either can move to the next level but both have to be clearly identified in one way or the other. Non direction or “drifting” does not move upward. So one has to have worked for clarity in their identity and consciousness.

I have been healing my own trauma, working with trauma, and learning varied psychologies, methods, and esoteric types of healing and spirituality all my adult life. I am now in my “elder” years and see that this was bigger than I knew. I was convinced young that traditional religious teachings were missing something but I had no idea what. I was also clear that esoteric information did not protect me from huge challenges. The world turned out to be a harsh and difficult place. I had no family support and put myself through college. My relationships did not work out, and I knew over and over I had to continue to make huge changes.

I remember when pharmacological interventions took over as the norm and psychiatry got the permission to advertise. Then the entire tv industry took what for me looked like a nefarious turn. People were inundated with messages to take “drugs”. I had used drugs as a young person and knew whether you got it from the street or from a doctor it was a “false” way to heal anything. I healed many very serious issues in my life. Sometimes you had to take a medicine. Always though, with your sight on a deeper healing. Your entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self is reflected in your health. Each must be addressed and worked through. Stress and trauma are also ongoing built in challenges to your health and those levels are how you process and learn from those experiences. We could learn from love as well but this planet is not set up for that. At a certain point I SAW that clearly.

I remember studying human sexuality while working in a practice full of “experts”. There was a perversity I kept experiencing at conferences where the argument was that incest and sexual experience in infancy and childhood was not harmful. There was a complete absence of understanding the implications of this kind of abuse of boundary on a developing energy system. This led me into the deep study of body, energy, sexuality, spirituality and personality development.

Everything I had experienced in my own childhood and in my educational and experiential life told me something was insidious and hidden everywhere I turned. I kept attributing this to my own trauma and attended many years of therapy at big $$ to “work it out”. Now I see it was both. IT is like seeing and feeling from both the fact of my own trauma and missing that this was built in everywhere. This is so true for all of us. We are so traumatized and unable to see the big picture or to understand that there are systems that were in place thousands of years ago and they are still here in new clothing.

I believe we are in a world right now where children are being groomed for darkness. Their innocence is abused and stolen right under our noses. we are born into Television and it is a tool of human manipulation. Signals and Signs are used to trigger unconscious messaging. We are hypnotizable and we are vulnerable. I remember studying subliminal messages and how easy they are to embed everywhere. I studied hypnosis and saw how suggestible humans are.

What I missed was an organized effort to create distortion and to manipulate masses in a dark direction. One where we are not free. We are bought and sold as a commodity. Slavery was not an unusual event against black people. It was a normalized event and happened to everyone everywhere. Especially children.

I became went many places as an alternative instructor. Different countries. I was open and curious. I ran into things that kept pointing to this information and I couldn’t see it. I lacked a certainty about my point of view. Yet I knew there was something bugging me. It was in my dreams and in my perception. I saw children suffering. I saw shortcomings in the love everywhere. As tv became more and hard to watch, I stopped. As doctors became medicine pushers I stopped. As the food became more and more packaged, I stopped. I became less able to fit in to those around me and it annoyed them.

Don’t you wonder about it? Why? Why do we have so many problems? Is it greed? Is it racism? Classism? Is it the democrats or the republicans? What is it? Is it SIN? Is it us? Is it them?

If you don’t believe in spirit then what do you believe?

I have a feeling much is about to emerge about the real reasons for all this suffering. It might be scary for some. It might be freedom for others. I think we have been convinced our suffering was the fault of others. When really it is ALL OF US. Because we are not seeing the whole picture. I think that picture is withheld deliberately by some. Others just don’t know any more of the whole truth than we do. Teachers don’t know, clergy do not know, many politicians do not know. If we knew the whole picture we could choose goodness. Because we don’t we become involved in evil in an attempt to do good. We serve evil attempting to love. We have never experienced the true light and the true love of the CHRIST consciousness.

For me it took my near death experience this late in life to experience it. I knew then what had been bugging me all along. If you are born into a systemic darkness how will you see it? Then you learn it isn’t out there, it is in here. It is inside. Then you go to church and you learn all humans are sinners and want to sin. Then you go to college and you pay big money to learn how to work and live in a career that is dark. Any career. Anything you learn is teaching you to function in a dark system that has been handed down by those in the “know”. Whatever you do, to do well you have to understand this “system”. You won’t learn it in school. Not in it’s entirety. You might spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn aspects of it. To have permission to earn a living doing aspects of it. But not the whole picture. If you study you have to go to alternative means to get more information. The things is, those in the know are at the top of anything you study and they will not tell you the bottom line. That line is where the information is handed down from the beginning of our existence here on this planet. I do not profess to know what that is, but I do know it is not in service to the light, to Christ, and to the well being of ALL OF US.

Frequency is a kind of wavelength transmitting the completeness of who and what you are. The music frequency was changed to be off a little. The frequency fix is your result altered by you upbringing and experience on this planet. It is my opinion that many many young people have been traumatized and abandoned in this system. They went to school and learned it was the “capitalists” that did it. They learned history that was false. They learned to blame the older generation for what happened and is happening to them. We have judged them and allowed them to be sexualized, drugged, and traumatized while being fed a media diet of distorted sex, violence, and disdain. We allowed it because we believed in freedom and did not see the bigger focused systemic abuse headed our way in a full scale evil takeover of this planet. If you can’t see this by now, you just don’t want to see it.

Learning the truth has been a devastating blow for me. It shattered my reality. This happened as I watched hundreds of thousands of kids and good people being prescribed opiates. I watched the chronic illnesses in people created by foods that are altered and contaminated. I watched the environment being destroyed by a consciousness that is not in the light. I watched school systems dum down children while controlling them and defining them in ways that were traumatic. Child abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, sexualization of children became the norm on tv and all media. I kept seeing it and could not put together. It kept taking me back to Jesus Christ and what was he really pointing at? What was he really saying?

I did not buy Constantine. My gut feeling was this whole thing was transmitted to the “Christians” in a way where they would miss something in front of their faces. Now I believe I was right and I was wrong. What was missing? Was it that we all come from one lineage? One person? That Jews and others were corrupt and in service of demons and dark beings along with everyone else? Is that Babylon? Were they worshipping and committing to destroying their own children in the service of dark beings? Are humans sacrificed in this system and the suffering of humans and animals used as “food”?

Was my profession in service to that system? Was it created by child slayers? People who use chemicals to destroy anything GOOD? Child molesters with a built in plan to debase and use all that is human and good?

A hierarchical, dark, insatiable consciousness that attempts to destroy anything GOD created and loves? IF that is the case, and these secret societies and doctrines hide this truth until you get too high in their organizations to get out safely, then we are in deep trouble and we better hurry up and WTF up. Are you ready?